Monday, October 20, 2014

General Economics

Wall Street Journal | Gauging Economic Fear Factor
Gambia hasn’t had a single known Ebola case. But fears of the virus, and canceled flights, have led British bird-watchers to nix planned tours. Hotel bookings to that West African destination are down 65% across the board.
Wall Street Journal | China Growth Seen Slowing Sharply Over Decade
China’s growth will slow sharply during the coming decade to 3.9% as its productivity nose dives and the country’s leaders fail to push through tough measures to remake the economy, according to a report expected to come out Monday.
Washington Times | U.S. economy again drives global growth as top rivals falter
After a long, slow convalescence from the Great Recession, the U.S. economy has emerged this year as a major force for global growth for the first time in a decade, even as some of its top rivals struggle.

AEI | The US is $40 trillion ahead of China

Health Care

Washington Post | Obamacare’s small-business exchanges to see major changes in the coming months
One year in, the new small-business insurance marketplaces born out of the new federal health-care law have fallen short of their promise in nearly every state, both in terms of functionality and enrollment.
Washington Times | Obamacare ‘bronze’ plan premiums expected to jump 14% in 2015
Obamacare "bronze" plan owners may be in for a shock next year.

AEI | Some key principles for fixing Obamacare
I am on the record as being dubious about the “repeal and replace” approach to Obamacare. I think the politics are formidable, to say the least. Now that does not mean I am arguing for the status quo. Far from it.


Wall Street Journal | Federal Reserve Holds Steady Amid Market Volatility
Federal Reserve officials are taking a steady-as-she-goes stance as they prepare for their policy meeting this month, even though market volatility and uncertainties about the global economic outlook have rattled investors in recent weeks and led to some mixed messages from central bank officials.

Wall Street Journal | Is The Fed Behind The Curve or Jumping The Gun?
Earlier this year, the commentators in the U.S. who had been warning of imminent inflation ever since the Fed began its highly accommodative policies raised the alert to code orange. And for the first time since the crisis, the inflation hawks were joined in their concern by a broader range of commentators. Although inflation remained contained, the “behind the curve” genie was definitely out of the bottle.


Washington Post | Survey: Pay raises rarer despite strong US hiring
U.S. businesses were much less likely to boost pay in the third quarter than in previous months, even as hiring remained healthy, a sign that wage gains may remain weak in the coming months.


Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Cato Institute | War on Poverty Turns 50: Are We Winning Yet?
The War on Poverty is 50 years old. Over that time, federal and state governments have spent more than $19 trillion fighting poverty. But what have we really accomplished?

Friday, October 17, 2014

General Economics

Wall Street Journal | Fed’s Yellen Says Extreme Inequality Could Be Un-American
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen delivered a strong indictment of rising inequality of wealth and income in the U.S., saying it was creating a vicious circle that was impeding the economic mobility that used to be at the heart of American economic values.
CNBC | Goldman Sachs downgrades outlook on US economy
Goldman Sach's economists on Wednesday downgraded their outlook on the US economy in the second half of 2014 following disappointing data on domestic retail sales in September and business inventory in August
Bloomberg | Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Unexpectedly Rises to Seven-Year High
Consumer confidence in the U.S. unexpectedly rose in October to the highest level in seven years, showing a brightening in Americans’ moods as gas prices drop and the labor market gains traction.

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Forbes | Weak Global Growth Threatens U.S. Recovery
The global economic forecast is dimming, according to an International Monetary Fund survey released last week. This worldwide drag threatens to derail America’s recovery unless Washington prioritizes growth.