Thursday, November 6, 2014

General Economics

Wall Street Journal | Three Easy Fixes to Dodd-Frank
Three easy financial reforms could be quickly enacted by the incoming Congress to reduce unnecessary and unproductive regulations and stimulate economic growth.
Wall Street Journal | Jobless Claims Fall; Labor Market Stays Strong
The number of new claims for jobless benefits fell last week, a new sign employers are becoming increasingly reluctant to lay off workers as the economy improves.

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Project Syndicate | A Growth Pact for America
America, once again, will have a divided government, with the Democrats holding the White House, and the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress.
Real Clear Markets | Will a New Congress Take the Economy Seriously?
In Tuesday's historic elections many based their decisions in the voting booth on the economic performance of Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate. Unfortunately for the president, the record has been bleak, and the long term U.S. economic outlook remains problematic.


Wall Street Journal | Keep An Eye On Mester for Considerable Time Clues
A speech by Loretta Mester this evening could offer clues on how the Federal Reserve’s thinking is evolving on its interest rate guidance.


Fox Business | In command in Congress, Republicans ready to move agenda on environmental, jobs legislation
Republicans' resounding victory gives them an opportunity to push legislation that's been bottled up in the Democratic Senate, from targeting elements of President Barack Obama's health care law to constructing the Keystone XL oil pipeline to rolling back environmental regulations.

Wall Street Journal | This Won’t Be the Last You Hear of Minimum Wage
Minimum-wage increases spread deeper into conservative areas of the U.S., with ballot measures winning in four states despite widespread losses for Democrats who attempted to make inequality a key campaign issue.
Wall Street Journal | Economists Believe the Jobless Rate Will Be Much Lower for the 2016 Election. Will Voters Feel Better?
Economists in the Wall Street Journal’s monthly survey and policy makers at theFederal Reserve forecast that the next time there’s a national election, the jobless rate is going to be much lower.