Wednesday, September 10, 2014

General Economics

National Journal | The Economic Recovery Hasn't Reached Minority Families
From 2010 to 2013, America's economic output went up, the stock market rallied, and the unemployment rate fell. The highest-income families made more money. And yet. For nearly everyone else, the past few years haven't felt much like an economic recovery, a new survey sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board shows.

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Fortune | The ups and downs of America's economic recovery
Behavioral finance teaches us that where money is concerned, Americans do two things over and over again. We adapt and we compare.
The Washington Times | ‘It’s (still) the economy, stupid’
Alarmingly weak job creation, which has been the shameful hallmark of the Obama economy, went from bad to worse last month.

Fox Business | China Will Not Overtake the U.S.
It’s time to uncrown the Red Dragon. China will not become the world’s largest economy in the next decade. | Why Should You Major in Economics?
Fall semester has started, and I hope you're settled in. If you're a college freshman or sophomore, you might be trying to choose a major.

Health Care

CNN Money | 5 ways you pay more for health insurance
Workers with solo coverage now pay an average of $1,081 in annual premiums, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust report released Wednesday. That's up a whopping 8.1% from a year ago.
The Daily Signal | Obamacare Premiums in Nebraska to Rise by 11 Percent
Premiums for Obamacare health insurance plans sold in Nebraska will go up nearly 11 percent next year — one of the biggest hikes in the nation— according to preliminary rates released by the state’s insurance department.

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Wall Street Journal | Cost of Employer Health Coverage Shows Muted Growth
The cost of employer health coverage continued its muted growth this year with a 3% increase that pushed the average annual premium for a family plan to $16,834, according to a major survey.


Bloomberg | Fed Weighs Change to Rate Guidance for Added Flexibility
Federal Reserve officials are considering whether to alter their guidance on the likely path of interest rates to give them more flexibility to react to changes in the economy.

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Forbes | Steve Forbes: "You've Got To Get The Money Right," Steve Lonegan: "Fix The Dollar"
The Tax Revolt has run its course.  A Money Revolt is needed.
Wall Street Journal | The Federal Reserve's Too Cozy Relations With Banks
The Federal Reserve was established in 1914 as independent of the president and Congress—and for good reason. The Fed's founders understood that politicians had to be blocked from using monetary policy to juice the economy before elections.


National Journal | 29 States That Shame Their Bad Taxpayers on the Internet
The Internet can be a great place. Unless you're a chronic tax evader in Vermont.
The Daily Signal | Senate, Obama Renew Push for Broad Internet Sales Tax
Before the August recess, the House easily passed a bill to renew, without limit, a longstanding ban on taxing access to the Internet. Now some Senate leaders wants to add on a sales tax.

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Wall Street Journal | Inversion Debate Considers Tax Breaks
Two new developments in negotiations over taxes could signal improving prospects for legislation to restrict inversion deals, as lawmakers seek bipartisan solutions to address growing problems in the U.S. tax system.


Bloomberg | U.S. Labor Secretary Sees Long-Term Unemployment as G-20 Focus
Long-term unemployment rates are a focus for the U.S. and other Group of 20 nations as they seek to move an estimated 100 million people into the global workforce, according to U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.

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AEI | The August jobs report disappointed on many dimensions
The August jobs report disappointed on many dimensions. The employment increase was a marginal 142,000, significantly lower than the average over the last twelve months of over 212,000. The labor force participation rate edged down to 62.8 percent, a level not seen since the 1970s.
The Heritage Foundation | Not Looking for Work: Why Labor Force Participation Has Fallen During the Recovery
The American economy is experiencing the slowest recovery in 70 years. In addition to persistently high unemployment, labor force participation has fallen sharply since the recession began in December 2007.

Fox Business | Hired! Tax Season Could Bring Job Creation
It’s a fun prospect thinking about tax season (kidding) but Liberty Tax Service, along with other accounting companies, are already looking to hire individuals that can work in the industry on a seasonal basis starting early 2015.


CNN | Could Cruz's immigration move lead to shutdown fight?
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Tuesday Congress should "use all means necessary" to prevent President Barack Obama from granting what Cruz considers amnesty to more immigrants who are in the country illegally.

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Real Clear Markets | How Long Can the Economy Absorb Excessive Government Spending?
The taxes-versus-spending battle remains America's central fiscal, economic, and political debate. Even when apparently overshadowed by other issues, this conflict's ramifications maintain its primacy. It is paramount because it not only pits opposing policies and philosophies, but its outcome determines our trajectory as a nation.
Wall Street Journal | Obama's Student Loan Blowout
Speaking of Dick Cheney (see above), if he had done half the favors for Halliburton that President Obama has done for his former colleagues in academia, the former veep would have been impeached. On Wednesday the New America Foundation will release a study showing how two policies on student loans will combine to force taxpayers to subsidize universities as never before.