Wednesday, September 10, 2014

General Economics

National Journal | The Economic Recovery Hasn't Reached Minority Families
From 2010 to 2013, America's economic output went up, the stock market rallied, and the unemployment rate fell. The highest-income families made more money. And yet. For nearly everyone else, the past few years haven't felt much like an economic recovery, a new survey sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board shows.

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Fortune | The ups and downs of America's economic recovery
Behavioral finance teaches us that where money is concerned, Americans do two things over and over again. We adapt and we compare.
The Washington Times | ‘It’s (still) the economy, stupid’
Alarmingly weak job creation, which has been the shameful hallmark of the Obama economy, went from bad to worse last month.

Fox Business | China Will Not Overtake the U.S.
It’s time to uncrown the Red Dragon. China will not become the world’s largest economy in the next decade. | Why Should You Major in Economics?
Fall semester has started, and I hope you're settled in. If you're a college freshman or sophomore, you might be trying to choose a major.