Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Health Care

CNN Money | 5 ways you pay more for health insurance
Workers with solo coverage now pay an average of $1,081 in annual premiums, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust report released Wednesday. That's up a whopping 8.1% from a year ago.
The Daily Signal | Obamacare Premiums in Nebraska to Rise by 11 Percent
Premiums for Obamacare health insurance plans sold in Nebraska will go up nearly 11 percent next year — one of the biggest hikes in the nation— according to preliminary rates released by the state’s insurance department.

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Wall Street Journal | Cost of Employer Health Coverage Shows Muted Growth
The cost of employer health coverage continued its muted growth this year with a 3% increase that pushed the average annual premium for a family plan to $16,834, according to a major survey.