Monday, July 28, 2014


CNN Money | There's no place like the economy
The key thing to watch is whether robust jobs growth is continuing into the second half of the year. In June, the government said 288,000 jobs were added, bringing the total number of jobs added in the first six months of 2014 to 1.4 million. That was the strongest six months for job growth since 2006.
CNBC | Across US job market, layoffs are becoming rare
As the U.S. economy has improved and employers have regained confidence, companies have been steadily shedding fewer workers. Which is why applications for unemployment benefits have dwindled to their lowest level since February 2006—nearly two years before the Great Recession began—the government said Thursday.

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Mercatus | Misleading Minimum Wage Statistics
Earlier this month, President Obama seized upon fresh data from the Labor Department to argue for a higher minimum wage. According to the president and a subsequent Associated Press report, the 13 states that raised their minimum wages in January of this year are now enjoying, on average, faster job growth than the other 37 states.

FOX Business | Mid-Market Report: More Jobs on the Way?
According to a new survey by American Express (AXP), more than 80% of firms say they plan to hire staff over the next six months. About 52% plan to hire only full-time employees, while 55% of the companies surveyed say they currently have more employees than they did a year ago.