Tuesday, July 22, 2014


CNN Money | Fed hawks: Start draining the punch bowl!
In the last week, three vocal Federal Reserve officials have been urging their colleagues to stop filling up the proverbial punch bowl. Not only do they want the Fed to stop buying bonds (there's already a plan in place to eliminate those as early as October) -- they also want the central bank to raise its short-term interest rate sooner than investors are expecting.
Bloomberg | Consumer Prices in U.S. Climb on Jump in Gasoline Costs
A rise in the U.S. cost of living in June was driven by a jump in gasoline that is now reversing, bolstering Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s view that recent increases were temporary.

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Real Clear Markets | Will the Fed Hit the Brakes Too Soon?
Paul Samuelson, in a long ago policy debate, noted that a cat that jumps on a hot stove once never jumps on a hot stove again; of course, it never jumps on a cold stove either. Today, Samuelson's image applies to the long running complaint that expansionary policies are courting dangerous inflation.
Market Watch | The Federal Reserve talks too much
The Fed is puzzled by the lack of volatility in the financial markets, but its open-mouth policy is the chief reason for it.