Friday, August 22, 2014


Fox Business | Yellen: ‘No Simple Recipe’ for Gauging Tightening Timing
There is “no simple recipe” to determine whether the labor market has returned to normal, Yellen said in a highly anticipated speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, meaning the central bank will eye a slew of factors in deciding how to tighten its aggressive stimulus program.
CNN Money | Janet Yellen: Job market not recovered
The debate now is whether the job situation in America is healthy enough for the Federal Reserve to start raising interest rates, which have been at historic lows in recent years in an effort to jump start the economy. Yellen, however, said little new on Friday, and U.S. stock markets stayed flat.

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WSJ | A Few Things the Fed Has Done Right
As Federal Reserve officials lay the groundwork for raising interest rates, they are doing a few things right. They need a little cheering, and a bit more courage of their convictions.
Bloomberg | Yellen Cites 19-Measure Labor Market Index: Jackson Hole Journal
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen turned to a recently developed tool -- an index of 19 labor market indicators created by Fed staffers -- to help sum up her message on how monetary policy can respond to the state of the American worker: It’s complicated.
Bloomberg | Stanford’s Taylor Says U.S. Rate Rise Will Help Emerging Markets
The phasing out of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s monetary stimulus will help emerging markets by ridding them of a source of turbulence, according to Stanford University Professor John Taylor.

Market Watch | Unemployment rate ‘thrown under the bus’ and more reactions to Yellen address
Her speech from Jackson Hole on Friday morning was read as hawkish by some and as dovish by others.