Friday, August 15, 2014


Fox Business | The IRS Has a Tax Cheat Sheet for Small Business Owners
Taxes are a big deal—especially for small business owners. The IRS can end up taking more than 50% of your Schedule C profit in ordinary income taxes and self-employment taxes. After all, the highest tax bracket is now 39.6% and the self-employment tax is 15.3%.

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The Washington Times | EDITORIAL: Testing the limits of ‘sin’ and making it pay
Sin has never been more popular, and its popularity is greatest among government economists who never tire of figuring out how to make it pay.
CNBC | Democrats don't want to solve tax-inversion issue
President Barack Obama made clear that corporate inversions are on his target list last week. Through what the president brands as an "economically unpatriotic tax loophole," firms use cross-border transactions to reduce their tax burden substantially by re-domiciling outside the United States.
Heritage Foundation | Yes, Low-Tax States Are Out-Competing High Tax States
First, an apology. In a July 2 article in this newspaper [Investors Business Daily] I erred in citing Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers comparing the superior job creation performance of no-income-tax Texas and Florida with the two states with the highest income-tax rates, California and New York.