Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Fox Business | Fed Won't Be Coy About Telegraphing Rate Hike
When the Federal Reserve finally gets around to raising interest rates from the near-zero range where they’ve been held for nearly six years it shouldn’t come as a surprise to professional traders, mom and pop investors and other market participants.
Bloomberg | Wholesale Prices in U.S. Were Little Changed in August
Wholesale prices in the U.S. were little changed in August from the prior month, restrained by a plunge in energy costs and a sign of limited inflation in the production pipeline.

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Forbes | Dollar Stability, Not Inflation, Is Our Big Problem Right Now
Since the Federal Reserve began its massive and unprecedented expansion of the monetary base in late 2008, the American public has been uneasy over the potential for a virulent burst of inflation, which would destroy the value of its income and savings.
Mercatus Center | The Federal Reserve’s Exit Strategy: Looming Inflation or Controllable Overhang?
The recent financial crisis led to substantial changes in the operations of the Federal Reserve (Fed), which now holds financial assets that are five times greater in value than before the crisis.
AEI | Monetary policy isn't class warfare
What the poor need now, according to some pundits, is more inflation.