Thursday, October 9, 2014


Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                    | Federal Deficit Falls, But Debt Time Bomb Ticking
The U.S. budget deficit shrank to a six-year-low $486 billion in the just-end fiscal 2014, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.
Fox Business | Student Loans Replacing Mortgages in Young Americans' Debt Profiles
Student loans have always made up a significant portion of Americans’ debt, but the surge in education loan balances in the past several years may be overpowering people’s ability to take out other loans they may want or need.
The Daily Signal | The 2014 Deficit Is the Smallest In Six Years. But Here’s the Bad News.
The Congressional Budget Office released Wednesday the figures for spending, revenues and the deficit in 2014.

Wall Street Journal | The Federal Deficit is Now Smaller than the Average Since the 1980s
The federal government’s deficit in fiscal year 2014 was $195 billion smaller than last year — clocking in at a shortfall of $486 billion, according to an estimate from theCongressional Budget Office. The deficit was $20 billion smaller than the CBO had estimated as recently as August.