Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Market Watch | How to read Fed’s stiff upper lip on inflation
Last month’s Federal Reserve policy statement seemed hawkish, in no small part because the U.S. central bank didn’t flinch in the face of growing concern about persistently low inflation.

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Forbes | A "Rules-Based" Monetary System Means a Fixed-Value System
There’s a fair amount of talk these days about “rules-based” monetary systems, in no small part because, as Volcker notes, the absence of rules has tended to cause a lot of chaos and destruction.

Wall Street Journal | Fed Coming Under Pressure From Both Left and Right
When Republicans won control of the Senate earlier this month, it looked like the Federal Reserve was about to become a target of newly empowered conservatives in Congress. The Republican Party has been critical of the Fed’s monetary policy decisions and its performance as a financial supervisor and is pushing for more formal scrutiny of the central bank.