Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Market Watch | Congress poised to reinstate some tax breaks
Congress looks set to avert a clash over tax policy with a temporary patch to reinstate dozens of tax breaks that expired earlier this year.

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
New York Times | Uncertainty in Washington Poses Long List of Economic Perils
As House Republicans mull another round of fiscal brinkmanship with President Obama, a dark cloud is threatening to return to otherwise clearing economic skies: fiscal and political uncertainty.
Daily Signal | Conservatives Push Short-Term Funding to Block Obama on Illegal Immigrants
Breaking with House Republican leaders, conservatives are pressing for a short-term plan to fund the government while blocking President Obama’s move to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.
Mercatus | Government Spending Is a Bipartisan Problem: The Rise in Total Per Capita Mandatory, Discretionary, and Net Interest Spending
Since policymakers continue to put political considerations ahead of controlling spending, it’s worth looking at the ways the federal spending burden has risen. To do this, I separate federal outlays into three major categories: discretionary, mandatory, and net interest spending.