Monday, December 1, 2014


Wall Street Journal | American Manufacturing Is Alive and Well
That is something that can be lost amid the influx of imports on store shelves and steady erosion of factory jobs. With only 10% of private-sector workers employed by manufacturers, versus 25% in 1980, it seems like the sector wouldn’t provide much oomph. Yet that ignores other workers, from truck drivers to forklift operators, who aren’t employed in manufacturing but still depend on it.
Market Watch | Ho hum: U.S. likely added another 200,000 jobs in November
The economy has settled nicely into hiring grove since the early spring, adding more than 238,000 jobs a month and putting the U.S. on a path to produce the strongest employment gains in 15 years.

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Forbes | Mired In College Debt, Millennials Need Better Options
As national dialogue continues about the usefulness of a traditional, 4-year college degree, data show the Millennial generation is falling behind previous ones in savings, net worth, even the ability to move out of their parents’ homes.
CNN Money | Foreign name? Expect a tougher job hunt
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development found that a foreign name makes the job search harder for applicants across all 17 developed countries it surveyed.

Wall Street Journal | U.S. Losing Its Luster as World’s Top Destination for Skilled Migrants, Study Suggests
The U.S. is losing its some of its luster as the world’s top destination for skilled migrants, according to a new analysis of LinkedIn Corp. user data.