Thursday, January 29, 2015


Market Watch | Fed statement implies a midyear hike is still a possibility
The Federal Reserve gave no sign Wednesday that it was wavering over whether to hike interest rates later this year, despite rockiness in global markets and some recent disappointing economic data.
Market Watch | Fed doesn’t say whether it tweaked inflation target
The Federal Reserve has a key decision to make that could have significant implications for its interest-rate policy this year.
Market Watch | Text of the FOMC statement on interest rates
The following is the text of the Federal Open Market Committee statement released Wednesday

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Market Watch | Europe needs more than QE to bolster economic growth
Although the European Central Bank has launched a larger-than-expected program of quantitative easing (QE), even its advocates fear that it may not be enough to boost real incomes, reduce unemployment and lower governments’ debt-to-GDP ratios. They are right to be afraid.
Wall Street Journal | Fed Flags Midyear Rate Hike—Or Later
The Federal Reserve signaled it would keep short-term interest rates near zero at least until midyear, while also setting the stage for tough decisions in the coming weeks about whether it should wait even longer.