Monday, September 22, 2014


Wall Street Journal | U.S. Household Wealth Hits Fresh Record
Americans' combined wealth posted a new high in the second quarter, allowing consumers to ramp up borrowing—a development that could put the economy into a higher gear.

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Wall Street Journal | Should Mortgage Lending Standards Ease?
Easy lending standards have helped set postrecession records for new-car sales. New-home building is barely rising, due in part to much tighter standards among mortgage lenders.
The Daily Signal | 51 Cents of Every Dollar: How Much Americans Think the Government Wastes
Americans estimate that Washington wastes 51 cents of every dollar it spends, according to a Gallup poll released last week.
AEI | Cutting fat from the budget
Over my lifetime, the advice of nutritionists has varied greatly. For a while, I was supposed to shun butter and replace it with margarine; then it was the reverse.

Wall Street Journal | Debt Growth Can’t Keep Pace with GDP, But Net Worth Can
Households in the U.S. borrowed more on credit cards, cars and their educations in the second quarter and their collective net worth climbed to a new record, according to a new Federal Reserve report.