Monday, September 29, 2014


Politico | AIG still battling over 2008 bailout
While AIG has quietly accepted its designation as being a a “systemically important financial institution,” which means it is now regulated by the Fed, Prudential and MetLife have both grumbled about being so designated, arguing their business model poses no threat to the broader system and economy.
CNN Money | $4.35 to get your own money - ATM fees surge again
It's more expensive than ever to get your hands on your own money. A customer is slapped with fees when they use an ATM that's not owned by their bank, and those fees jumped 5% in the past year, according to Bankrate.
Bloomberg | Consumer Spending Climbs as U.S. Job Gains Boost Wages: Economy
Consumer spending rebounded in August as employment gains revived household earnings growth and encouraged Americans to return to shops and car dealerships.