Thursday, September 25, 2014

General Economics

National Journal | Inside Big Oil's Fight Over Arctic Drilling Rules
Oil giants Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips are pressing White House officials on upcoming standards for drilling operations in Arctic seas.
Market Watch | Over 900,000 homes regain equity in second quarter
U.S. homeowners’ negative equity tumbled last quarter, with the second greatest drop in underwater properties since data tracking started, according to a Thursday release.
National Journal | Even as Sun Belt Cities Grow, Many Are Left Behind
Fueled by the energy boom, this sprawling and steamy city has added significantly more jobs since 2000 than any other U.S. metropolitan area.
Bloomberg | Consumer Comfort in U.S. Falls to Lowest Since Early June
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Market Watch | Look past 18% tumble — durable-goods data was solid
Orders for durable U.S. goods plunged by a record 18.2% in August after a record 22.5% gain in July, mainly because of up-and-down demand for large and expensive commercial airplanes, government data showed Thursday.

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Real Clear Markets | Why the CEO Earns Much More Than You Do
The timing was interesting for a number of reasons, but in retrospect a major reason was that the economic dip of 2008 hadn't yet revealed itself.
Real Clear Markets | California's Economic Recovery That Wasn't
California's Employment Development Department announced that the state added 44,200 jobs in August. This news was trumpeted by Sacramento as further evidence of California's comeback.
Market Watch | Surprise! Businesses actually are investing a lot
The yawning gap between the U.S. bull market in stocks and the historically weak economic recovery seems proof positive that something is fundamentally wrong with American business’ priorities – and especially its lack of interest in creating and productively investing capital.

Cato Institute | Financial Crisis Lessons From Experimental Economics
Economic scholarship tends to operate in silos. That is, banking scholars don’t talk to macroeconomists, etc.