Thursday, September 25, 2014


Bloomberg | Fed Trio Urges Patience on Rates Amid Cooling Inflation
Three Federal Reserve presidents are calling for patience as the central bank weighs when to raise interest rates above zero, arguing moving prematurely poses a greater risk to the economy than waiting too long.

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Market Watch | Here’s what will happen to stocks before and after rates rise
Last week the Federal Open Market Committee surprised a lot of pundits by doing what it has said it would do.
Bloomberg | Banks Face Stable Funding Rule After Basel Strikes Accord
Global regulators have reached a deal on a rule requiring banks to use funding sources that won’t dry up in a crisis.

Wall Street Journal | Fed Economist Calls for ‘Urgency’ in Addressing Unemployment
The U.S. job market remains far from full health despite recent progress, and requires active efforts by policy makers to help it heal, a Federal Reserve economist said Wednesday.