Monday, January 12, 2015


Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
The Daily Beast | What We Need Is a Seinfeld Congress
We often make New Year’s resolutions to improve our lives over the next twelve months. Regardless of the magnitude of the changes we desire, the best way to go about making progress is to commit to attainable goals rather than sweeping ones that we will likely abandon after a few weeks.
Forbes | Austerity Isn't Defined By Government Spending, But By The Deficit
This is an interesting little spat happening out in the econobloggingsphere, a shouting match about whether there’s been austerity or not. It started with Matt Yglesias, then Angus had a go at him and now Kevin Drum is making his own claims. And I would argue that no one is really looking at the correct numbers at all.
The Daily Signal | The Biggest Problem Politicians Are Tempted to Ignore
With so many high-profile, headline-grabbing issues facing the incoming Congress, lawmakers might be tempted to ignore one of the most persistent problems in Washington: overspending.