Friday, January 9, 2015

General Economics

Market Watch | U.S. adds 252,000 jobs in December as wages slip
The U.S. added 252,000 new jobs in December to extend the strongest streak of hiring since the mid-1990s, but wages fell and more people dropped out of the labor force to tarnish an otherwise excellent employment report.

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Fortune | The shale oil revolution is in danger
Oil producers and Wall Street analysts claim the setback in the fracking industry brought on by the collapse in oil prices will be brief and minor. Don’t believe them.
Real Clear Markets | Cheer Up, There's a Booming Economy Somewhere
Lost amid the fuss over the FOMC's latest public attempts at Greenspanisms (saying nothing while saying a lot about a little; "patience" vs. "considerable time" in this instance) was news of the latest attempt at establishing a rate floor. The ECB's rate floor has garnered a great deal of attention, of course, simply as a fact of its nominally negative rate - a world's first unleashed in June. The Federal Reserve would very much like to replicate that operative function, though not quite as yet as a negative rate.