Friday, January 9, 2015


Wall Street Journal | Jobs Report: U.S. Adds 252,000 Jobs; Unemployment Falls to 5.6%
U.S. employers added to payrolls at a solid pace last month, a sign of steady momentum for the labor market after the strongest year of job growth in 15 years.

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Forbes | When Did We Get Too Proud For Entry-level Jobs?
Hidden in the debate over raising the minimum wage, paying a living wage, fast food workers fighting for $15 per hour, and much of the debate over economic inequality is a simple question about the balance between payment for services and the value of those services. Should people be paid what their labor is worth to their employer, what they feel they deserve, or enough to support some arbitrary standard of living? What all this makes me wonder is: when did we get too proud for entry-level jobs?
Market Watch | ‘Amazing’ jobs report, apart from wages, economists say
Here is a roundup of comments from economists about the December payrolls report, released Friday by the Labor Department.

Wall Street Journal | Is the Skills Gap Real?
U.S. unemployment remains elevated, yet companies have been complaining for years that they can’t find employees with the skills they need. Whether the skills gap is about perception or reality is among the labor market’s key questions for the coming year.