Monday, January 26, 2015

General Economics

Market Watch | GDP, Fed meeting highlight busy week for economy
Now it’s time to find out if the U.S. economy is still a single locomotive — or an inseparable part of a larger global train that’s slowing down.

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Forbes | Government Policies Caused the Financial Crisis and Made the Recession Worse
In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama argued we need government polices to build “the most competitive economy anywhere.”  He’s wrong.  We need the government to leave the private sector alone so that it can build the most competitive economy anywhere.
Wall Street Journal | Euro’s Big Drop Puts U.S. Economy, Federal Reserve to the Test
The European Central Bank’s launch of an aggressive program this week to buy more than €1 trillion in bonds poses important tests for the U.S. economy and the Federal Reserve.
Real Clear Markets | The U.S. Economy's Achilles Heel? The Rest of the World
President Obama has declared the economic crisis over - and for the United States, maybe it seems that way. But for most other countries, not so much. Their recoveries are faltering. The obvious question is whether the global weakness will infect the U.S. expansion. This is a crucial footnote to Obama's optimism.
Market Watch | The real reason China isn’t the world’s biggest economy
Chinese leaders have been quick to put on a brave face after the ignominy of missing their economic-growth targets for first time since 1998. But while Premier Li Keqiang was telling global leaders in Davos not to worry about the economy, back at home the head of the country’s statistics bureau was rejecting claims China was already the world’s biggest economy.

Wall Street Journal | Most U.S. Businesses Will See a Boost From Cheap Oil, Economists Say
Most U.S. businesses will benefit from lower oil prices this year, but the cheaper energy bill also threatens to derail a recent driver of economic growth, according to a new survey of business economists.