Monday, January 26, 2015


Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Telegraph | What happens after shock and awe of QE subsides?
The result of the Greek general election has the potential to threaten the euro. And the result of last Thursday’s meeting of the European Central Bank, namely the unleashing of a massive programme of government bond-buying, has the potential to save the euro. But will it succeed?
Market Watch | Doubts grow about mid-year rate hike, but Fed won’t express any
While there are growing doubts among economists that the Federal Reserve will make their first hike in short-term interest rates in June, don’t look for the U.S. central bank to give any hints that it may hold stay a little while longer than expected.

Wall Street Journal | Fed Board Quiet In Run Up To Meeting
The run up to this week’s Federal Reserve policy meeting has been notable for the nearly total silence of the five Washington-based board governors. Since their December meeting, they have not uttered a single public word about the economy or monetary policy. The only governor to speak publicly at all, Jerome Powell, spoke about market issues.