Thursday, January 8, 2015


Bloomberg | Oil Taxes Tempt Recession-Scarred U.S. States as Prices Plummet
U.S. states are renewing efforts to pass taxes on oil and gas extraction and, while falling energy prices may please consumers, drillers say it’s just the wrong time to raise their costs.

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Forbes | The US Tax System Just Keeps On Getting More And More Progressive
One of the regular calls in American political debate that really rather boggles is that one that the country needs to have a trulyprogressive PGR +2.08% taxation system. The reason it boggles is that the US taxation system is already the most progressive among the rich nations. Yes, I know, this isn’t what you normally hear but it is true. Further, the US tax system has become progressively more progressive over recent decades. Again, that’s not what you normally hear but it is also true.

AEIdeas | Cutting business taxes, the smart way
So lowering the corporate rate makes a good deal of sense in theory. In practice, it’s not so clear-cut. If a CEO of a large corporation can exploit tax loopholes to reduce the effective rate to 20 percent, a statutory rate of 25 percent (Republicans’ proposed target) or 28 percent (Obama’s goal) doesn’t maximize shareholder profits.