Wednesday, February 18, 2015


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Forbes | Blessing Or Curse? The National Debt From The Founding Fathers To The Age Of Jackson
Libertarians love to talk about how far the United States has strayed from its liberal founding and beginnings. Perhaps nothing better illustrates this point than the national debt, which presently stands at a little more than $18 trillion. Surely, if the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would recoil in horror at how the federal government spends vast sums of money to perform a multitude of extra-constitutional functions.

AEIdeas | Is the 2014 farm bill reducing the federal budget deficit? Not exactly
Senator Stabenow (D-Mich) is currently the ranking member of the Senate Agricultural Committee and, in her previous role as chair, was a driving force in passing the 2014 farm bill. On Tuesday of this week, she announced that she would oppose any and all cuts to farm bill and farm subsidy spending during the forthcoming federal budget reconciliation process, essentially arguing that the House and Senate agricultural committees had already given at the office through spending cuts implemented in the 2014 farm bill.