Friday, February 13, 2015

General Economics

Market Watch | U.S. import prices sink 2.8% in January on lower oil costs
The prices the U.S. paid for imported goods fell sharply again in January mainly because of much cheaper oil, a trend that's keeping inflation under wraps.

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Wall Street Journal | Economists See Cheap Oil Weighing on Capital Investment
Low oil prices will continue benefiting consumers and the broader U.S. economy this year, but economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal are forming a clearer picture of one downside from cheap oil: slower business investment that offsets a slice of the economic gains.
Forbes | This Economy Is Yearning For The Policy Mix
The economy appears to be improving, at long last seven years into the recovery from the Great Recession. Jobs are being added at the Ronald Reagan-era average, even if the population is a quarter larger than in the 1980s. Job openings are cracking above the pre-Great Recession level. And the doughty old blunderbuss statistic, Gross Domestic Product, is inching ever closer to 3 percent.
Real Clear Markets | Modern Economics Is Based On Desperate Misconceptions
I think the Wall Street Journal said it best, with the headline of its article on the latest G-20 conclave shouting, "Currency Warriors Get a Boost at G-20 Meeting." Apparently these leaders, including the head of the IMF (which is ironic because the IMF's first job at its inception was fostering stability), are dissatisfied with everything from employment to inflation to structural overhauls, whatever that might mean in terms of government spending on something. Whatever form, the idea was that there needs to be "mass" monetarism in 2015.
New York Times | How Mortgage Fraud Made the Financial Crisis Worse
The financial crisis was caused in part by widespread fraud, which may seem like an obvious point. But it remains surprisingly controversial.

Wall Street Journal | Winter Snow Weighs on First-Quarter GDP
Brace for blizzards and other bad weather to hit the economy again this winter, though perhaps not as deeply as last year.