Friday, February 13, 2015

Health Care

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Market Watch | Three ways Obamacare must finish the job
With Obamacare’s second open-enrollment season ending this weekend, the giant law’s Job 1 — expanding health-care access — is all but done. The nation’s uninsured rate had been cut by a quarter through December, and will fall more by Sunday. Nearly three-fifths of the 11-point drop in the percentage of Americans without health insurance that the Congressional Budget Office predicted would happen by 2019 is done. And Florida and Texas haven’t expanded Medicaid eligibility under the law yet.
Forbes | Medicare's Biggest Little Secret: Seniors Can Have A Medical Savings Account
When I first became eligible for Medicare I went through the Pennsylvania version of the booklet “Medicare & You,” looking for the Medicare Advantage plan that would be the best choice for me. This is an annual autumn ritual for anyone who wants a private “Medicare Advantage” plan. This year in Pennsylvania there were 19 pages in all, describing 129 different plans, with brief descriptions of each.