Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Market Watch | How job training is being reinvented for the 21st Century
A highly trained workforce is a public good, crucial not only to the prosperity of workers themselves, but also to the strength of the entire economy. And, as with most public goods, the United States has been underinvesting in it for decades, leaving many American workers without the skills they need to get well-paying jobs.

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Forbes | Extended Unemployment Benefits Really Did Raise The Unemployment Rate; They Still Are
One of the little shouting matches going on over the effects of the various policies tried during the Great Recession is the one about the effects of extended unemployment benefits.
Forbes | How Hair Braiding Explains What's Gone Wrong With America's Economy
Isis Brantley has been arrested, jailed and a plaintiff in a federal civil rights case. But she’s not a whistleblower or a political dissident.