Tuesday, February 3, 2015

General Economics

Market Watch | Factory orders fall 3.4% in December in 5th straight decline
New orders for factory-made goods in the U.S. sank 3.4% in December to mark the fifth straight decline, the Commerce Department said Tuesday.
Market Watch | Manufacturing showing signs of sputtering
Two measures of manufacturing sentiment in January matched their worst performance in a year, a sign that sputtering overseas growth as well as the rapid deterioration in commodity prices is hurting U.S. businesses.

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Forbes | A World of Economic Trouble
These should be happy times for the U.S. stock market. GDP is booming, employment is up and interest rates are low. And yet, throughout the first month of 2015, the stock market has at times behaved as though it were 2008. What happened?
Wall Street Journal | Benefits of Infrastructure Spending Not So Clear-Cut, Economists Say
Policy makers seeking new ways to fuel economic growth are hitting on a familiar cure: infrastructure.
Forbes | Obama's Repatriated Profits Tax Won't Raise US GDP By 1.5%
We’ve seen that President Obama is advocating that the currently offshore profits of US companies should be taxed whether they are repatriated or not.

Wall Street Journal | A Whiff of Secular Stagnation in Budget Forecasts
One of the more disturbing possibilities for the economy’s lengthy period of malaise following the recession was popularized by Harvard University’s Lawrence Summers, the former Treasury secretary and former top adviser to President Barack Obama, who said the economy could be slipping into a state of secular stagnation.