Friday, February 6, 2015


Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Mercatus | Falling Deficits Don’t Mean It’s Time to Increase Spending
The Congressional Budget Office’s latest budget projections and economic outlook for the next 10 years puts the budget deficit for the current fiscal year (2015) at $468 billion, down from $483 billion in fiscal year 2014.
National Review | Obama’s ‘Mindless Austerity’
In announcing his $3.999 trillion budget proposal for FY 2016, President Obama said that he was putting an end to “mindless austerity” in federal spending. In response to which, one wants to ask, “What color is the sky on his planet?”
Real Clear Markets | Obama's Budget Kicks the Can Even Further Down the Road
This week President Obama released his $4 trillion budget for 2016, a mixed bag of new taxes and new programs and subsidies for the middle class. Last week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)-Washington's nonpartisan budget arbiter-released its most recent analysis of the economy and fiscal policy. The two documents provide an interesting comparison of political expediency and long term challenges, with the president focusing on short-term spending while CBO warns of a longer term fiscal crisis.
Forbes | Obama's Budget Proves Old People Are Bankrupting The Country
Are you worried about the deficit? Old people are responsible for it. Did the recession hurt your business, personal finances, or home value? Old people were a key cause of the housing bubble that led to the recession. Think the healthcare cost explosion is a big problem? Old people, again. As far as I know the elderly did not cause global warming, but they are indeed responsible for most of the financial difficulties that America has had over the last two decades.