Friday, February 6, 2015


Market Watch | Minimum-wage gains to have only minor bump on pay data
More than two million workers received raises last month, thanks to minimum-wage increases in 20 states. But economists don’t expect the bigger paychecks to lead overall wage measures to pop in the government’s monthly jobs report.

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Wall Street Journal | U.S. Unemployment Claims Rise, but Strong Job Growth Still Seen
The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose last week but remained at historically low levels consistent with solid job growth.
CNN Money | Obama jobs: More caregivers, servers and temps
Got a job while Obama was president? Then there's a good chance you are working in healthcare or food service or as a temp.

Wall Street Journal | What Do Job Seekers Want? ‘Hostess,’ ‘Truck Driver’ Among Fastest-Growing Searches
Job seekers are increasingly searching for positions at restaurants, child-care centers and behind the wheel, according to new data from job-search site
AEI | We need to reward work, not just make it more miserable to be unemployed or poor
One government program that many conservatives like — especially vs. the minimum wage — is the Earned Income Tax Credit, the federal subsidy for low-income, working households. It raises living standards by raising household income. What’s more, it provides a work incentive – incomes have been declining for those with only a high-school education or less — because it only applies to working households. It’s a program that should be both expanded and reformed.