Thursday, February 19, 2015

Health Care

Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Urban Institute | Health Care Spending by Those Becoming Uninsured if the Supreme Court Finds for the Plaintiff in King v. Burwell Would Fall by at Least 35 Percent
If King v. Burwell is decided in favor of the plaintiff, additional coverage resulting from the ACA’s premium tax credits would be reversed, and some of those purchasing nongroup insurance fully with their own funds would become uninsured due to large increases in premiums. | 11.4 Million ObamaCare Signups Is No Big Deal - Just Ask Obama
The Obama Administration says more than 11 million signed up for ObamaCare this year. Should anyone believe this number?
Forbes | Should Employers Be Required To Provide Health Insurance To Their Employees?
The Obamacare mandate for large employers kicks in this year and for smaller employers it kicks in next year. But an increasing number of economists – both on the right and the left — are saying that mandated health insurance benefits at the work place are a bad idea. Are they right?