Thursday, February 19, 2015


Econ Comments & Analysis                                                                                            
Bloomberg | Did the Fed Just Enter the Currency Wars?
Policy makers pointed to the dollar’s rising value as “a persistent source of restraint” on exports in a surprisingly dovish set of minutes published Wednesday. The greenback fell against a broad group of its peers.
Real Clear Markets | Negative Rates: A New Economic Mystery
To the long list of economic mysteries can now be added interest rates. They've been at rock bottom, as everyone knows. But now we've encountered something novel: negative interest rates. Lenders are actually paying for the privilege of allowing someone to borrow their money. It's occurring outside the United States, and the Federal Reserve's next move is expected to be raising rates. Still, there's no ironclad reason it couldn't happen here.
Market Watch | Fed majority rejects near-term interest-rate hike
“Many” said a premature rate hike would harm the recovery, while only “several” thought a later move would risk high inflation, according to the minutes of the Jan. 27-28 meeting.
Forbes | Even The Fed Can't Decide What 'Data Dependent' Really Means
The Federal Reserve released its official account of the Federal Open Market Committee’s January meeting Wednesday. The minutes show considerable debate about the timing of interest rate hikes with members highlighting the dangers of raising interest rates too soon as well as the dangers of hiking too late.